PTFE Packing With Graphite

Harga: Hubungi Kami

PTFE Packing With Graphite Features: PTFE braided packing with graphite is woven of graphite PTFE yarn twisted through a mixture of PTFE dispersion resins and fine graphite powder, with a moderate amount of heat-resistant lubricant. Apart from its corrosion resistance, it has thermal conductivity and self-lubricating properties, and is suitable as dynamic sealing inconditions with media flow of high Linear velocity (about 16m/s). Application conditions: 1) Max. working temperature: -75 ~ 280 2) Max. working pressure: 2.5Mpa (rotary pump) Max. working pressure: 8Mpa (reciprocating pump) Max. working pressure: 15Mpa (valve) 3) PH value: 0 - 14 4) Linear speed: 0 - 12m/s (rotary pump) Linear speed: 0 - 2m/s(reciprocating pump) Linear speed: 0 - 2m/s(valve) 5) Cross Section: 1/8" ~ 3"(3X3-75X75mm) 6) Density: 1.65 ~ 1.75g/cc Regular package: 5 or 10kg/roll